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Fear of the Azrian Underground Spreads Across Britain

The Geneva bombing changed everything in Britain, and indeed the world.  Prior to the Geneva Conventions, relations between humans and Azrians was largely an unspoken thing.  It was something that existed beneath the surface, where the public could conveniently ignore it.  Humanity lived out their lives like normal, while Azriankind knew that it stood an infinitely better chance of survival if they, too, acted normal – living mundane lives, no different than their human counterparts.

Occasionally, a dust up would spill out into the open.  A scuffle here.  A skirmish there.  Azrians were always used as the boogey man that was waiting within the shadows, ready to pounce on the unsuspecting innocent, guilty of the only crime of being human.

The reality and the history that goes along with it, are much more complicated.  The human-Azrian conflict has been mostly relegated to comic books and folklore, but parts of it are very real.  It goes back to the 15th Century BCE in Egypt.  During the 18th Dynasty and the reign of the pharaoh Amenhotep II.  Scholars don’t know the exact origin of the Azrian people or where they came from, but they do know that in the year 1425 BCE, after the death of Thutmose III, his son Amenhotep II instituted the Azrian Purges to rid the Egyptian Empire of all Azrians.

The reason for this, scholars believe, was because of a great war fought on Egyptian soil that involved humanity fighting against Azrian aggression.  Their goal was said to be the destruction of Egypt.  Here’s where history ends and myth begins.  To find out exactly why the Azrians wanted to destroy Egypt, you have to go to your local comic book shop and pick up a copy of any number of comics dedicated to Azrian and Firstborne lore.  Most notably GABRIEL, which the Azrian people believe tells the complete history of their people, and why they saw Egypt as such a threat.

Without concrete evidence to back up the fantastic claims in the stories, however, they remain as nothing more then mysterious fantasies of a bygone era.  What we do have evidence for, is the suffering of modern day Azrians at the hands of various human governments around the world, led by Britain’s example.

The modern story of the Azrians began on November 9, 1989 with the fall of the Berlin Wall.  The end of the Cold War brought about great change for the entire world.  Attitudes were changing and the future was the great unknown.  Two years later saw the collapse of the Soviet Union, and with it, a change of focus for many peoples to domestic issues.  There was no longer the threat of a Third World War to annihilate us all.  Now it was the threat of crime on our own streets, combating poverty and reigning in the excesses of the previous decades – the spending done in the name of defeating “the other side.”  Now, it was all about getting your own house in order and dealing with the enemies within.

This was a SIGNIFICANT change in worldview, as people were now more concerned about what was happening at home, rather than abroad.  The 1990s saw the blossoming of the Information Age and great economic prosperity for the West, but also, great change and social upheaval in the East.

The latter was facing major conflicts as the former Soviet countries were now left to fend for themselves, and many of these Eastern European countries were home to large populations of Azrians.

It was against this backdrop of seismic change, that Azrian leaders came forward publicly for the first time wanting to open a dialogue with human leaders to discuss peace in the East, equality and rights for the Azrian people.

What happened next, was a true tragedy in every sense of the word.  The Geneva bombing, which left hundreds of people dead, and thousands more injured only served to inflame anti-Azrian passions.  The Human Right government was the result.

With the attack at Westminster Abbey, tensions have only heightened, and the road to peace has only darkened.  Meanwhile the fears of the Azrian Underground have only spread.

​What the future holds is entirely unknown.  The signs, though, seem to indicate a reckoning may be on the horizon.

See The Shattered Star Universe for more information.

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